• Why is this content no longer available?

    Prodigy Math Game continues to grow and is one of the most popular online math platforms in North America. We remain committed to our long-term mission of helping every student in the world love learning. While the Prodigy community continues to flourish with more than 150 million registered users of our Math Game - and growing - across the world, our school and district partnerships program has proven more challenging. We have therefore taken the decision to wind-down our school and district partnerships program in North America. Prodigy's Self-Guided Learning was previously supported through the Partnership program and as a result, will no longer be accessible at this time.

  • What does this mean for you?

    Firstly, you will still be able to use Prodigy Math Game in your classrooms! Nothing will change on that front and we remain committed to delivering what we believe is a truly best-in-class math program to millions of teachers at no cost. As part of this commitment, all in-game math content within Prodigy Math Game remains COMPLETELY FREE to access by all students everywhere. Teachers will also maintain access to most partner-specific features, including Focus Mode and Leaderboard+. In fact, we are now making these freely available to all teachers everywhere!

  • Where can I reach out if I have further questions?

    If you have any further questions, please reach out to www.prodigygame.com/support